Sunday, February 17, 2013

Full Council - The Budget

It was over a week ago now, but I did promise to tell people how I voted in every full Council.

I voted against the Council plan.

The plan didn't have a lot in it, that in itself was not too much of a problem.  Previous plans have things like "we will keep our streets clean" as if any Council actually tries to make them dirtier. So I quite like the shortness.  The thing is all the main events in the Council over the past year - Getting the local plan horribly wrong, being described as unlawful by judge and starting all over again having wasted hundreds of thousands and three years of Council time in achieving the irrational was never in the plan.  New Air kicks facility - nope, not in last years plan either, so I opposed the plan, not because it contained anything awful, just didn't contain anything exciting and will bear no resemblance to events in the Council in any case.

Then the budget.  It had some things I liked, many of the things I had mentioned as essential if the Tories looked like they'd need the Lib Dems.  And credit to the leader, when he realised he didn't need our support, he kept many in.  But overall the budget said loud and clear, "this council is only interested in freezing Council tax and it will happily stop doing everything it has to to achieve that"

I will try to remember to add my speech, but at the moment I can't remember which computer/tablet I last saved it on.

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