Thursday, January 17, 2013

Full Council part two - Basingstoke Live

Basingstoke live cropped up on the agenda a few times, but was amalgamated into a fairly short debate.  for the background click here

The issues around Basingstoke live go beyond writing a cheque out, sitting back and letting the public enjoying the music.  It was not a simple 'lets do it' and therefore no progress could be made on the night apart from agreeing to set up an all party panel to support the portfolio holder in establishing what the options were.

So keen was this panel to meet, it had held its first meeting before the Council meeting had ended!* 

I'm not in a position to say for sure what the current status of Basingstoke live is.  Although the panel has met twice and offered some solutions to issues that could have prevented it happening, the event relies on various volunteers, organisers, the police and insurance companies which the officers are busy talking to to pull everything together.  The Portfolio holder has committed herself to a final decision by the end of January.  

*The meeting did finish 3 weeks after it started, but still rapid progress by councillors who can often spend double that agreeing a date for a meeting!

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