Sunday, November 18, 2012

So that's how Labour run things (2)

Say the name 'Starbucks' and we now associate it with tax evasion (click here for more info)

Whats this got to do with Labour? It may have happened in the past but that goes back to the Brown and Blair era when Milliband and Balls were miles away from the treasury working at the treasury.  But is was in the past.

You'd have thought that if there was one thing that could unite the left, it is the war against corporate greed.  The nasty organisations who are basically stealing from poor people.  We all agree it is disgusting, don't we?  I've not bought a Starbucks

A recent article in the Guardian reveals, Amazon, Google and Apple and asks whether we should boycott them. (OK it is hard to avoid Google, they own blogspot for a start!) but I think we should all agree to boycott greed tax avoiding organisations where possible.  Like this one;

who used clever loop holes to avoid paying tax when they sold their headquarters.  Terrible, shocking

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