Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A bag for life is not just for Christmas

I'm a big fan of those supermarket bags for life.  If i ever had a grumble with them it was the obsession with flowers, ladybirds and butterfly designs that seemed to suggest either that men were not welcome in supermarkets or perhaps that men would buy the bags and arrive at the checkout the following week having left the 'bags for life' at home.

I also get they're not actually for life.  A year or two after issue they'll split and you can trade them in for a new one.  (of course that long serving Tesco bag will split the week you're in Sainsbury's and I'm not sure they'll exchange it)

I was in Morrison's for an unplanned shop and thought I'd buy a strong carrier.  The only option was a Christmas design.  Surely a re-useable bag will get me beyond the festive period.  Why would I want baubles and reindeer when shopping in spring/summer.  Are Morrison's looking to reduce waste or sell more carriers?

I probably shouldn't get bothered about it, but a bag for life is not just for Christmas.


  1. I take you point about the Christmas design but why would flowers, ladybirds and butterfly designs seem to suggest that men were not welcome?

  2. May be I'm old fashioned, but I don't do bold patterns on everyday items. I want a bag to be functional and low key (Mens' coats and suits tend to be black, grey, navy, not patterned). But I accept it is a personal view